Our Dogs

Morganna is committed to maintaining dual purpose HWVs and is proud to show and work the only two full champions in the breed.

Champion Morganna Star Anise JW ShCM – Home bred, Ruby is the first full champion and top bitch in the UK with a record 21CCs and 5 RCCs.

Champion Zoldmali Szeles Morganna JW (Tarot) is the breed’s first male full champion, a field trial winner and has 10CCs including Crufts and 10 RCCs . 

Their daughter Show Champion Morganna Anisette JW – Dottie – has 3 xCCs and 5 RCCs and is a fast hunter with an excellent nose.

Aldozovolgyi-Drotos Dabas for Morganna – a fabulous working dog with successful offspring  in the showring , field trials and family companions. 

Morganna Anise –  home bred daughter of Dabas and Dottie.  A promising baby pup with an excellent pedigree for show, work and play.

Champion Morganna Star Anise JW ShCM

Show Champion Morganna
AnIsette JW

Champion Zoldmali Szeles Morganna JW

Aldozovolgyi-Drotos Dabas for Morganna

No longer with us

Moricroft Mata of Chance for Morganna

Morganna Allspice