Loyal, intelligent, obedient, sensitive, very affectionate and  easily trained. Bred for hunting fur and feather, pointing and retrieving from land and water.



Lively, gentle mannered, and demonstrably affectionate.



HWV’s can be long-lived and often appear to be a young dog until about 10.

All breeding stock should be hip scored and have a HUU test for urate stone disorder.   



The wire coat on the neck and body is harsh and close fitting, up to 4 cms (1½ ins) long, with an undercoat, which is normally heavier in winter. The hair on muzzle is short and coarse, the hair forming a small beard on the chin. The skull is covered by short, dry hair. Hair on the ears is short and fine. The eyebrows are dense. The coat is shorter on the lower part of the legs, chest and belly. Longer hair is permitted on the rear of the legs. On the feet and between the toes the hair is softer and shorter. Coat on the tail is dense and stronger.